There is always something that we, here at IAGON are working on in order to improve the ease and effectiveness that is delivered to the IAGON community through our innovative and revolutionary platform. Not only because we value the overall project, but because we truly value our community members and desire nothing more than to ensure that they are pleased with IAGON and the IAGON team.

Today, among many other exciting new announcements, we are ecstatic to finally be presenting the newly developed website to our dedicated supporters and the global cloud computing and Blockchain communities.

Complete with several new features, the new website exhibits several of the Miner App capabilities, and enables users to experience a free demo as well. Because we are cloud computing’s newest standard in decentralized technology, our team is proud to set the bar high, while providing users with an easy to understand the platform, and simple to use miner application.

As a decentralized and secure cloud platform, IAGON is the one-stop shop for decentralized, cloud based services, including integrated Dapps, mining services, and smart contracts as well.

Regardless of what has been the catalyst behind your heightened interest in IAGON, you can learn more about us, through our website, by viewing the updated Roadmap, popular Youtube tutorials, and downloadable whitepaper or business plan. You will also have access to a revamped FAQ section, where answers to our most popular questions are addressed.

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