In our latest monthly update, we're excited to share a big achievement: we've launched a new feature for testing by our community — decentralized compute. This is a big step for us in making our ecosystem better and more innovative.

It shows how much we value growing and improving, and how important your feedback is in helping us do that. Join us in this exciting time as we keep making progress together. Let's take a look at what we achieved in March 2024.

Decentralized Compute

Compute Power Testing: Released the first iteration version for community testing

Launched Provider Dashboard: a basic dashboard to enable staking, joining the network, and listing compute nodes without intricate design elements.

Set Up CLI Project: Successfully established the basic project structure for the Command Line Interface (CLI) program.

Developed Virtual Machine (VM) Creation: Enabled the creation of VMs for enhanced compute capabilities.

Implemented SSH Access for Subscribers to securely access the provided VMs via SSH.

Extracted Basic Info and Usage Metrics: Gathered essential system information metrics for CPU, Memory, Storage, Network, and the Overall System for basic overview and monitoring.

Conducted Initial Benchmarking for CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network: Performed preliminary checks to evaluate the system's metrics thoroughly.

Developed Monitoring Server Endpoints: Introduced endpoints for effective monitoring of the node, including health checks, heartbeat signals, benchmarking, and usage information.

Initiated Monitoring Server via CLI: Implemented the functionality to run a monitoring server on a specified port upon starting the CLI.

Started a Check Server: Constructed a basic server for registering and periodically monitoring the node.

Enabled API for Constant Monitoring: Advanced the system's capabilities for continuous monitoring.

Registered Node to Check Server through CLI: Facilitated the registration of the node with the Check Server after initial evaluations, ensuring constant communication and monitoring.

Voting Power

Voting Power System Development: Introduced a system for voting power, including a proposal list, proposal details, and wallet connection.

Created Leaderboard: Developed a leaderboard to display rankings within the system.

Staged Demo: Conducted a demo in a staging environment to showcase internally the system's capabilities.

Initiated QA Process: Began quality assurance testing to ensure the system's reliability and performance.

Other Achievements:

Completed Subscription UX: Finalized the user experience design for subscription, excluding login and subscription flow aspects.

Infrastructure Migration In Progress: Identified and communicated priority tasks concerning the migration and some more steps to proceed with next month.

We're working on and plan to focus on in April :

Compute Objectives:

⌛ Focus on planning and implementing a staking/rewards model specifically designed for compute resources.

⌛ Work on deploying a gateway to facilitate smoother interactions within our compute network.

⌛ Develop an external monitoring server tasked with checking uptime and soliciting other internal metrics to ensure robust performance.

⌛ Launch a dedicated section for subscribers, enhancing user engagement and service clarity.

Web Hosting Focus:

⌛ Establish a dynamic web hosting solution for users interested in hosting web content, aiming for ease of use and flexibility.

⌛ Introduce web-hosting subscription levels to accommodate the varying needs of dynamic website hosting, ensuring scalability and user-centric service tiers.

Additional Focus Areas:

⌛ Test and release the voting power mechanism along with a leaderboard, aiming to foster community engagement and transparency.

⌛ Develop a Web2.0 Login and Storage Subscription model, focusing on enhancing security and user experience.

⌛ Launch the second version of the LP calculator to offer instant rewards in multiple tokens, enhancing the user experience and reward system.

⌛ Initiate work on an End-to-End Encrypted Messaging App, prioritizing privacy and secure communication for our users.

⌛ Start developing the UI frontend for our unique Marketplace, aiming to create an intuitive and user-friendly shopping experience.

Our development team is full of creative energy, always moving forward with exciting projects in the works. Keep an eye out for our updates and join us in creating the future. Your interest and involvement inspire us to innovate and excel.

For more information and to see what else is going on with Iagon, please follow us at the social media links, or head over to the IAGON Website!