We are so excited to announce that our duo IDO on Tosdis & Occamfi sold out and was completed successfully. We want to say a big thanks to our community for your support and trust in the project.

Together we will reach IAGON's 'big goal' to give the power back to the people when it comes to controlling their data, resources.

Together we will move forward to build the first Cloud Computing Platform in the Cardano Ecosystem. With a focus on decentralized storage compliance  (eg. GDPR, HIPPA). Powered by unused storage/computer resources from a broad spectrum of providers (data centers, laptops, phones, gaming consoles, etc). We appreciate your support!

How it went on TosDis

It was sold out in a matter of minutes on TosDis with 164 whitelisted in total, which holds 53215.72 DIS (53% of DIS supply with estimation close to $2.66 mln).

How it went on Occam. fi

In total, 4 waves of Occamfi users were admitted to the IDO with 325 participants in total. The token pool sold out in ~2.5 hours.

There were 1,323,420 OCC staked by registered users in total for participation in IDO.

What's next

IDO tokens are claimable at 11:30 AM UTC on July, 28th.

IAG token will be listed on secondary markets - Gate.io and Uniswap on the 28th of July, at 11:00 AM UTC.  

IAGON will be listed on Gate.io
Today, we are thrilled to announce the IAG listing on the Gate.io exchange! IAGON team reached an agreement about listing IAG token on July 28th at 11:00am UTC.

Please, stay tuned with our official announcement channel to be the first to know about new updates - check/join here.