IAGON’s Smart Grid platform provides fully secure storage of large Big Data repositories and databases, and for processing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tasks that require massive CPU and GPU computational power (including machine learning, deep learning and neural network operations). IAGON’s development is based on the vision, and the reality, that demand for larger storage capacity and for processing power will dramatically increase through the entry of Big Data and IoT into every domain of the industry, the economy, healthcare and virtually into many aspects of our lives. In parallel, increasing numbers of companies and organizations apply AI techniques for image recognition, speech recognition, marketing analysis, recommendation systems and decision support systems (in healthcare, agriculture, defense and marketing, among others), robotics and autonomous cars. The adoption of AI technologies to every dimension of the modern professional and personal life will require growing amounts of processing power.

IAGON aims at connecting data centers and computers to harness their timely unutilized capacities to a unified storage and processing power grid, while compensating their owners for providing these resources to users. Whether it is the owner of a small data center that would like to allocate the remaining 700 GB on its disks or an owner of a laptop that leaves it open all night, users can compensate them for the use of their computational capacities in a fully secure environment. Everyone can purchase powerful AI and Big Data capabilities by purchasing IAGON tokens and paying with them for the services that they use on the grid. Everyone can become a “miner” who contributes his or her unused processing power in idle times and unused storage space to the Smart Grid, receiving tokens and converting them to real money without any effort.

Storage and processing on the IAGON Smart Grid is fully secure for both users uploading their processing tasks and files and for miners that process and store them: Every file is encrypted in the most secure, military grade HASH256 encryption algorithms that fully mask its contents. Then, the files are sliced into small parts and are anonymously transferred to various storage and backup locations on the miners’ disks as DAT files without revealing their origin, association with the original file or with the user that uploads them. The encryption and slicing of files and their transformation into many DAT files fully ensure that any potentially malicious software is destroyed prior to their distribution to miners. Finally, the locations of the encrypted file parts are stored on the blockchain to ensure that no one, other than the uploading user, can retrieve them or associate them in any way with the original files or with their originators or succeed in deciphering any part of them. When the process is completed, IAGON tokens will be transferred from the user’s wallet to the wallets of miners that host the encrypted file parts. IAGON is inspired by AI and by the Hadoop framework: the allocation of encrypted file parts will be optimized by an AI mechanism that “learns” the patterns of free and available computational capacities of miners, while fully sustaining their anonymity. By integrating these advanced capabilities into the Smart Grid, we will be able to provide the best access to stored files, the most effective use of processing power and to identify rogue nodes.

UPDATE 1 (Jan. 29th 2018): IAGON succeeded in encrypting files, slicing them and allocating them to designated miner locations while keeping their uploader’s identity, association of the encrypted parts with the original files and their attributes fully secure on the blockchain. Each part was tested and no information could be retrieved from it. Then, the file parts were retrieved by the user by contacting their anonymous locations securely kept on the blockchain, decrypted and the files identical to the original, uploaded files were received. The process proved the performance of the core architecture of the Smart Grid platform and its immunity against any type of unauthorized retrieval and decryption attempts.

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