The IAGON community has been growing and we are proud to have had the support of everyone as we work on the development of this groundbreaking platform. It should come as no a surprise to our followers, that we aspire to continue developing relationships with other pioneering companies within this space, and to us, that means forging relationships with other revolutionary minds.

Today, we are overjoyed to introduce our community members to the most recent company to forge a significant relationship with IAGON as an Initial Adopter, MindSync.

MindSync is an amazingly developed decentralized platform that allows individuals to participate in the growing and innovative artificial intelligence market. This revolutionary concept adds an ease to understanding the market, regardless of whether you are an expert in AI technologies, a developer or supplier, or even a customer with little to no knowledge of AI. In addition, MindSync is driven by the use of their community members in all aspects of value enhancement.

After looking into MindSync, we took an interest in our shared desires to revolutionize the market as we know it, and with Mindsync being an AIaaS and ExaaS* platform that aims to solve customer’s tasks with AI technologies competitions, in addition to their implementation of a marketplace for solutions and training datasets.

The MindSync mission is to make better AI solutions more available, cheaper and simpler for a wide range of customers, as well as accelerating overall developmental abilities, and they will be a key player in IAGON’s process to revolutionize the cloud.

As many of you already know, the purpose of the Initial Adopter program is to ensure that we have companies testing the platform in real-time and providing accurate feedback in efforts to aid us in developing the best version of the IAGON platform. For this reason, among others, we are pleased to be starting this new collaborative relationship and cannot wait to see how we progress as a unit.

At this point, MindSync will be utilizing IAGON’s platform for our secure storage and processing capabilities, as we continue to work hard on delivering an optimal platform for all of our users. Moreover, with there being no doubt about the importance of decentralized cloud services, in order for the use of these platforms to be tested in real-time, we are going to need the help from and input of our initial adopters.

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