The IAGON team holds pride in the level of security that we provide to our users, and as we have continually seen the growth and development that has been taking place in the world, our development team has made it a point to ensure that they are building a phenomenally safe architecture.

With the advancements in technology, we have seen immense levels of data being stored in the digital realm, which provides an easier and safer route for individuals and business alike. However, the safety and security that has been hoped for, and in many cases received, has also left room for the murky perpetrators of cyber attacks and never ending, yet random, data breaches and system hacks.

What is a systems breach/data breach?

Well, these breaches are isolated incidents that range from information stealing, to the thievery of finances and financial data, and is one of the costliest cyber crimes that has ravaged the world in which we live. In fact, it has been reported in a study that was done by the Ponemon Institute, that the global average cost of a breach of any company has reached $3.86 million, or roughly and average of $148 per stolen record.

This avenue of crime is one of the most profitable and it continues to expand in size as the criminal hackers seek out to attain people’s personal identification information in efforts to gain access to their finances, and/or utilizing the information to steal identities and even auction them off of the dark web or other criminal outlets. With this in mind, hackers also use their knowledge to access unauthorized company information and finances as well. These breaches are widely acknowledged and have become increasingly prevalent across the centralized cloud computing companies, severely harming the businesses themselves, along with the consumers and have been costly and time consuming to recuperate from.

4 Ways that hackers Access Your Data

According to a report put out by Norton, Cybercriminals typically choose one or more of four methods of data theft to access the information about any one individual and/or corporation on their trek to attain personal information that they have no business being in possession of. These, although not the only methods of sneaking in through the back door, are the most common methods of entry.

  1. Targeted Malware Attacks

Things including, but not limited to Spam and/or phishing e-mails

2. Exploiting System Vulnerabilities

Generally associated with out-of-date software

3. Drive-By Downloads

Unintentionally downloading malware by visiting compromised web pages

4. Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are generally easier for the hackers to guess

Because there are so many different ways for hackers to sneak in and steal your personal data, IAGON’s platform is a decentralized cloud computing option that works to ensure the safety of our customers personal and private data. Not only do are we powered by artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology, but we also implement a secure lake structure, which provides our customers with an added layer of security against the criminal entities looking to take your information and utilize it for their dark desires.

We are the next big thing in the cloud computing industry and we intend to disrupt the sector with our innovative and revolutionary platform. A platform that is geared towards the complete security and protection of your data, and at an affordable price. However, we still recommend that you actively take steps to protect your personal information as well. This may include things like checking your credit reports, securing your devices, backing up files, using strong passwords, and much more.

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