IAGON (IAG) is proud to announce the release of it’s Miner Application (MVP) v1.0.2-beta, which is now available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. The application is built on electronJS and will provide distributed storage between online users and storage nodes (miners). Using IAGON’s Platform and Grid enables user to upload files. The Miner software (desktop application) is used to control localized storage and serves as a node on the network.

What’s New:

  • Added Support for Windows x64 and Mac
  • Fixed Design issues with the Application
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvement
  • Cross Platform Compatibility added

Before you install the new version of IAGON’s MVP, make sure to review the following:

  • Identify your Operating System and choose the desired install suite (Windows, Linux or MacOS)
  • Use the same Email that was used when registering for IAGON platform
  • Before login you should be a valid participant in the Mining Application (This is done by registering for the Mining Application on IAGON’s Platform)
  • Make sure you delete all old versions of the MVP before installation

You can find complete details on IAGON’s MVP through the following resources:

1. Windows : https://github.com/Iagonorg/iagon-miner-app/releases/download/v1.0.2-beta/iagon-miner-app.Setup.1.0.2-beta.exe

2. Linux : https://github.com/Iagonorg/iagon-miner-app/releases/download/v1.0.2-beta/iagon-miner-app_1.0.2.beta_amd64.deb

3. Mac : https://github.com/Iagonorg/iagon-miner-app/releases/download/v1.0.2-beta/IagonMinerApplication.dmg

We welcome all testers to preview the new version of IAGON’s MVP. Our team has been working very hard behind the scenes to make this platform as user friendly and accessible to everyone. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what’s coming with our next version:

  • Auto Update for MVP, this will handle release for upcoming versions
  • Performance improvement and optimization for file size
  • File path configuration at settings, as of now user cannot change file path for storage

Stay tuned for more updates. If you have any questions regarding our Miner Application (MVP) join our Telegram group Telegram

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