A new and influential member has joined the IAGON advisory team!

This month, Dr. Nezer Zaidenberg, a Cybersecurity Advisor has joined our project. Nezer is a dedicated entrepreneur, founder and CTO of Truly Protect, an ICO advisor and committed researcher.

Nezer will aid in the growth of IAGON’s project, ensuring its success, with his broad expertise and extensive experience in IT and cybersecurity.

Moreover, Nezer has 15 years of experience delving into large-scale projects, as well as leading and advising Technology start ups. Throughout the years he has had a monumental impact in the realm of IT technologies, continuing to develop a phenomenal career out of a lifelong passion.

We’re ecstatic to have Nezer on our advisory board as a Cybersecurity Advisor and encouraged by his vast background of experience. The IAGON team is happy to have him on board and we believe that his expertise will go a long way in making IAGON a secure, compliant and trusted platform while pushing IAGON forward.

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