Today, we are pleased to announce the exciting results of the top 3 winners of The Legacy Competition. We’d also like to take advantage of this moment to Thank the entire community for the large amount of participation and involvement throughout both steps of the competition. We wouldn’t of been able to obtain such successful results without all of your support.

Before heading to the BIG announcement, we’d like to provide a quick recap of what The Legacy Competition was all about. As previously mentioned, the IAGON AI protocol is based on scores given to miners for their gpu, cpu and storage capabilities and we were in need of a name for these scores (i.e. Dragonchain Slumber Score).

Round 1 of The Legacy Competition allowed us to compile a large list of name suggestions from the community which were then narrowed down to the following top 5:

Round 2 of The Legacy Competition was followed by a Community Poll, where members from the community participated with their vote. The results of the Top 3 winners were based on a combination of relevance and alignment with the overall vision of IAGON, along with taking into account the thoughts of our community.

The Community Poll was closed today April 11th, at 9 AM PST and the results are in. Please join us in Congratulating the following 3 members of the community for their excellent efforts and dedication throughout the competition:

  • 1st Place receiving 12,500 tokens: Vie Yang with IAGON Score Suggestion “IAGON Cloud’s Color”
  • 2nd Place receiving 6,250 tokens: Denrimar Yahiya Hatta with IAGON Score Suggestion “IagonWingChain Score”
  • 3rd Place receiving 3,333 IAGON tokens: Malia-Lani Oppermann with IAGON Score Suggestion “ Thunder Cloud Score”

The IAGON team choose the number 1 winner based on how much they loved the concept for their platform. The Cloud Types also provide a wide variety of choices to pick from such as cirrus, altocumulus, altostratus, nimbostratus, among others. IAGON is yet to define a specific cloud name for their score, however they will be reviewing this internally and announcing it sometime during Pre-Sale or General token sale.

Once again, thank you all for participating in The Legacy Competition as this has been one fun ride. Winners… if you are reading this, please reach out to IAGON to redeem your prizes!

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