Earlier this month the Cambridge Analytica scandal that affected personal information of 87 million of its users brought CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg before a congressional panel to discuss on his company data collection and censorship practices. Besides that, it got users and public worried and concerned about their online security. And on 19.4.2018 public got another reason to worry.

LocalBlox, a data analytics company who automatically crawls, discovers, extracts, indexes, maps and augments personal user data from various sources like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Zillow — left its data exposed.

The company stored 1.2 terabyte file containing personal data of 48 million people in an unsecured and unlisted Amazon S3 container, accessible to anyone. This leaked contained names, physical addresses, dates of birth, scraped LinkedIn job histories, public Facebook data, and Twitter handles. Cybersecurity research firm UpGuard discovered the leaked, however up to 48 million user profiles were kept without a password.

With so many leaks it’s up to users to protect their personal data and privacy online. We can’t seem to point this out enough that personal data needs to be better protected and that users deserve to have their data secure and private on a platform they can trust. At IAGON user security is our main pillar and concern, which is why we’re working hard to bring our platform to life.

The Blockchain technology behind our project has incredible significance to the security of our users and their data. We aim at providing companies and individuals storage and processing services at a fraction of market prices and with a higher level of security by connecting data centers, business computers and personal users and utilizing their free storage capacities and their CPU and GPU processors during idle times.

We ensure the complete protection of data files and other files (scans, photos and videos). These files are encrypted and no one, except for the user who securely uploaded the file and has a private key can retrieve, delete, change or read it. Additionally, no one can identify the source of the file or even associate the file slice to other slices that are generated from the originally uploaded file. IAGON ’s technology ensures that even when information systems are breached in any way, the data and files that they use cannot be accessed, deleted or modified in any way.

When compiled, the scraped data could be used in powerful and harmful ways. At IAGON we aim to provide users with a secured platform they will be able to trust their data. We believe we can bring users back the power over their personal data that they deserve.

IAGON (IAG) has already announced the release of it’s Miner Application (MVP) v1.0.4-beta, which is now available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. The application is built on electronJS and will provide distributed storage between online users and storage nodes (miners). Using IAGON’s Platform and Grid enables user to upload files. The Miner software (desktop application) is used to control localized storage and serves as a node on the network.With our quick progress developing the IAGON platform we’re one step closer to provide users with highly secured cloud platform.

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