A term that was once more elusive than understandable, Artificial Intelligence is now an ever present, highly necessary advancement in technology. But what is Artificial Intelligence, and just how can IAGON benefit from the implementation of it?

Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. It’s a set of advanced computational models and processes that are inspired by long term, in depth research of the human brain and is often the reason behind the generation of enhanced user experiences. This is due to the fact that the Artificial Intelligence works behind the scenes of your favorite websites and applications in a way that was built to avoid any unwanted interference during the user’s interaction with the UI (user interface).

With the market demand for Artificial Intelligence rich products continuing to grow, IAGON’s platform, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, fits directly into the mold, while simultaneously disrupting the core of the cloud computing industry and their key players.

What makes IAGON different from its competitors, is that it learns the behaviors of each miner by using defined variables such as availability, reliability, performance and cost benefit. For each variable the miner is given a score, also known as Cloud Score. The higher the score, the higher the miner can price his/her services. The lower the score, the lower the price. To achieve this, IAGON learns through a method known as reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning is the science of decision making to handle a dynamic environment. This means IAGON undergoes an active learning process to optimize its decision making process to determine its course of action.

This creates an unparalleled paradigm towards how IAGON handles its input. Using a method known as Markov Decision Process that is based on probability theory, IAGON tries to determine an optimized form of reward system that improvises its actions to maximize its reward system over time.

Because IAGON aims to provide the platform miners and users with flexibility and freedom of choice in the providing and consuming of decentralized cloud services, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology provides a unique and fully secure solution towards processing, storing and distributing data.

Additionally, IAGON uses the Proof-of-Utilitarian Work (PoUW), where the IAGON miner nodes need to proof the usage of their spare resources with meaningful computational work (CPU cycles and computer storage).

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