Artificial Intelligence has a couple of varying definitions, however, it is generally thought to be referencing ‘machines that respond to stimulation consistent with traditional human responses and given the capacity for fully developed intention, contemplation and judgement’. While Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning remain misunderstood by a large array of people, the widespread absence of understanding and familiarity of the overall concept is not hindering these technologies from actively transforming every area of life as we know it.

What was once a mere figment of someone’s futuristic imagination has turned out to be a success, returning positive results with every new extension. The potential to enhance the everyday lives of people around the world continues to gain traction, and with Artificial Intelligence having proven to have decision making skills that supersede those of humans, developers and engineers have continued to create programs that capitalize on the lack of limitations that AI will face when encountering certain situations.

You see, AI algorithms are designed to use real time data, including, sensors, digital data, and remote inputs that have been combined using a multitude of different sources, instantly analyze the content and materials received, and act based upon insights that have been derived from that data. Additionally, artificial intelligence’s ability to churn out accurate data, lacking in human error, has become a central point of reasoning when looking towards strategic development and use of the technology in varying industries.

IAGON provides this in a multitude of different ways, one being the smart computing grid. The Smart Computing Grid is based on advanced Artificial Intelligence components that include more than 100 Machine Learning algorithms, methods and techniques that integrate to form our AI-Tracker system. AI-Tracker is the “brain” behind IAGON ’s Smart Computing Grid. It optimally allocates encrypted file slices to the miners’ free storage spaces and computational tasks to the miners’ free (idle)CPUs and GPUs that compose the Smart Computing Grid.

This wide-ranging toolkit that is Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way that we think about, process and integrate information, analyze important data and develop accurate insights that allow us to improve the overall decision making process. These technologies do not only transform the way that we work online, but they have infiltrated every area of our daily lives, including banking, government, real estate, healthcare, cybersecurity and many more sectors.

Operating in an adaptive and intentional fashion, AI has tremendous capabilities and the sophistication that is intertwined within this technology is already beginning to demonstrate the life altering societal changes that are on the horizon.

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