Society is changing.

Technology is changing.

Effectively every single thing around us is shape shifting into something entirely different than it had been before. Melding into an industry, or industries that, if you’re not advancing with, you’re most certainly lagging far, far behind.

The founders, and the team behind IAGON had seen that coming, much before the public and our supporters even heard of our name. We had been working to ensure that IAGON is the change that the cloud computing industry needs, however, we aren’t the only ones, and the level of advancements that have been made, and are in the works, are poised to fully disrupt this space in several various ways.

Most businesses, whether they are gigantic organizations, or simply small businesses, rely on the effectiveness, security and power that comes along with cloud computing, however, not everyone understands all of the confusing ins and outs of the technology behind it. Though this hasn’t halted the inevitable growth of the cloud, additional clarity to those that seek it will come with time as the usable applications become easier for miners and clients alike.

So, what are a few of these industry trends that promise to revolutionize this space? Well, I’m glad you asked, because you will find THREE of those disruptive advancements, below:

1: Blockchain Technology

As is well known, IAGON is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology and because of the fact that we are a decentralized cloud computing service provider, the technology of the Blockchain is one of our strongest attributes.

2: IoT — Internet of Things

IoT is definitely delivering a better way for consumers to attain functional convenience in a tangible way. Although some have said that it is to early to tell of the direction that IoT will go, those in the tech sector are of the firm understanding and belief that growth and widespread adoption are on the horizon.

3: Machine Learning

Machine Learning Technology is a process that allows computers to measure their performance against a certain metric, while also enabling the adjusting of their actions, based upon improving that specific metric.

The ability to use machine learning in a variety of different fields, as it acts to enhance the overall quality of technology, has been incredibly beneficial and, although the core algorithms sometimes prove to be complex, it seems to be aiding the cloud in immeasurable ways, including, eliminating some website crashes, as well as guaranteeing a stable connection across networks.

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