Recently, we had made mention across our social platforms, as well as our telegram community channel, of an incredible advancement in the IAGON platform.

That’s right, we announced the release of our updated UI/UX for miner and client application — Version 2.0.2-alpha. Within this update, we have included the following:

  • Updated UI/UX for miner and client application.
  • Enhanced version of P2P communication over NAT.
  • Details computer resource overview.
  • Optimization in processing algorithm over docker execution.
  • Analytics for miner and client both

Additionally, there have been several necessary bug fixes that have been executed, along with improvements made to the overall performance.

With this improved version of the UI/UX, you are able to locate your primary features from your account’s dashboard, including access to sections like Resource Allocation, Earnings, Cloud Score and your current Mining Calendar.

Moreover, traversing the dashboard and overall interface is seamless and self guiding, allowing you to view your Computer Resources with a simple click. These viewable figures include: Total Disk Space, Resource History, Uptime, Latency and your Personal Computer Information. Additionally, your File Storage History will be located at the bottom of this section as well.

Please take a few moments out of your busy day to truly look at the work that we have been doing behind the scenes, after all… It is for you and everyone in our community . This can be reviewed by following the link on over to our Miner App Demo. Also, feel free to review all of our Release Notes on the IAGON GitHub page, so that you can become fully abreast on the process behind the innovation.

Remember, the IAGON Main Sale is still underway, and all of the funds raised will be used for the further development of the IAGON platform, so stay tuned for additional releases, updates, and enhancements.

For more information and to see what else is going on @ IAGON, please follow us at the social media links below, or head over to the IAGON Website!

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