We managed to:

✅ Develop the backend endpoints related to file metadata & file paths.

✅ Set up the password validation endpoint and add a password check to the controller logic.

✅ Improve policy scripts by setting up two different minting policies for Subscription NFTs.

✅ Implement new storage client UI functionalities.

✅ Implement and test the file cloud storage encryption mechanism.

✅ Develop the token swap app prototype as a workaround for the Nomad bridge exploit issues.

Currently, we are:

⌛ Working on single asset staking and trying to implement the staking mechanism for the cloud storage resource providers.

⌛ Testing the NFTs verification and Subscription verification endpoints.

⌛ Implementing the subscription controller and integrating the mechanism that will allow storage users to sign up and pay for subscriptions with their crypto wallets.

⌛ Putting the final touches to the storage client UI.

For more information and to see what else is going on with Iagon, please follow us at the social media links, or head over to the IAGON Website!