We managed to:

✅ Complete the first successful internal demos of the storage client

✅ Finish the Liquidity Pool Rewards Calculator development
✅ Develop backend API endpoints for the platform

✅ Integrate the login functionality with the Nami wallet

✅ Explore various options for onchain subscription renewal and controller

✅ Examine the end-to-end process of the frontend calling the PAB through a gateway and proceed to the next stages of testing

Currently, we are:

⌛ Developing the backend endpoints related to file metadata & file paths

⌛ Developing the storage client UI

⌛ Testing a Java wrapper for the Cardano chain index

⌛ Preparing for the public release of the Liquidity Pool Rewards Calculator

For more information and to see what else is going on with Iagon, please follow us at the social media links, or head over to the IAGON Website!