As we orbit closer to our monumental launch, we're thrilled to share the fruits of our labor. Tirelessly, our team has been sculpting the future of decentralized storage and compute, ensuring that every step we take is a leap towards excellence.

Phase-Based Launch

In the spirit of innovation and excitement, we've crafted our release schedule into a multi-phase rocket launch, each phase propelling us closer to our ultimate goal. This approach allows us to focus intensely on each segment, ensuring perfection at every stage.

Embarking on a Stellar Journey: Iagon Ecosystem Phase-Based Launch

Phase I: Alpha Galaxy Creation

LedgerFlow Launch:  Witness the debut of LedgerFlow, our trailblazing application set to revolutionize Cardano-based bulk transactions.

Storage Platform Activation: Step into the realm of enhanced data security with our storage platform's initial operation.

Resource Providers API: An open invitation for all to connect and contribute to our growing universe.

Subscription System Rollout: A vital cog to keep our platform thriving and dynamic.

Staking Inception: Begin your journey in staking, an integral part of our ecosystem.

Website Hosting: Empowering individuals to host their websites on a decentralized platform. Hosting on Cardano will be real!

Next Destination: Phase II

Mainnet Launch: The countdown is nearing its end as we approach the highly anticipated mainnet launch.

Phase III - Decentralized Compute:

A monumental milestone, set to fuel our journey and propel us towards new horizons.Join us at Iagon, where we're not just building a platform, we're crafting a universe. Our shared storage and compute space is a testament to what we can achieve together. 

Stay tuned as we navigate through these exciting phases, each a step closer to redefining the future of decentralized technology.

For more information and other updates, please follow us on our social media , or head over to the IAGON Website!