There is never a shortage of ideas floating around in the atmosphere and in recent years those ideas have been heavily focused within the realm of Cloud Computing, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and more. As the IAGON platform strives to revolutionize the cloud, we understand that it is not just the technology behind the IAGON platform that will bring success and adoption of our services, but also in the team, partners and supporters that we have around us.

With this knowledge, IAGON has assembled a team that shares in the same values and appreciates the innovative vision that is at the base of our core values. Additionally, we have ensured that we are working with companies that hold true to our principles which is how we came to be connected with Experfy (Harvard Innovation Lab). At the beginning of April 2018, a smart contract audit of the security provided on the IAGON platform was conducted by Experfy and a summary of thoughts and suggestions was submitted to our internal team for review and execution. This in depth audit, that focused on every aspect of the smart contract, has given us the insight necessary to enhance our innovative platform.

“We find the Iagon project interesting and ambitious. The cloud computing area and the use of Blockchain in this field remains one of the most promising, discussed and interesting…” — Experfy (Harvard Innovation Labs)

Experfy’s comprehensive and standardized audit put IAGON’s smart contract through rigorous independent reviews, verifying and validating that our contract is performing as intended and lacking in security issues. The completely digital ledger is stored inside of the Blockchain and remains immutable and distributed, meaning that once a smart contract is created, it can never be changed or tampered with. Programmed in Solidity, a special programming language specifically created for Ethereum, the IAGON Smart Contract provides optimal security and limitless potential.

Creative innovation in the technology sector is full of near misses and faulty prototypes, so we are appreciative for all of the positive feedback that has been received from the teams at Experfy (Harvard Innovation Labs). With our Passing scores, quality infrastructure and dedicated team, we are ready to bring revolutionary change to the cloud computing industry and fully compete with the less secure, centralized cloud computing moguls that have been exerting their dominance for years.

Thanks to the actionable feedback given to us by Experfy, we were able to ensure that our innovative platform is built on an indestructible architecture and ready to be utilized as the powerful supercomputer that it is.

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