IAGON’s Pre-Sale is underway and we have had a lot going on behind the scenes as we prepare to revolutionize the cloud. Following an ICO analysis completed by Bulgaria-based company, Veblen Synergy, we received a glowing Evaluation Report with an overall rating of 96 out of 100.

The Veblen Synergy analysis was comprised of five separate categories, each focusing on a different aspect of IAGON’s innovative platform and team. Veblen carefully broke down the IAGON project, going through each section’s complexities with precision, ensuring the accuracy of the overall evaluation.

ICO ANALYSIS: The Breakdown

As relayed in the aforementioned statement, the VS Analysis encompassed five different, yet equally important aspects of the IAGON project: Product, Team, Environment, Vision, Valuation. In this article, we are going to be breaking down the scores for each category, as well as the reasoning behind them.

  1. Product: 94/100

The VS analysis rated the overall product at 94/100 after a review of two of the main components of the IAGON platform, including our ability to join the unused storage capacity in servers and personal computers and their processing power to create a super-computer and super data center to provide better security at a cheaper rate. Additionally, a heavy concentration was placed on the additional solutions and layers of security that IAGON provides (i.e. IAGON’s Secure Lake).

2. Team: 97/100

“The team at IAGON is well balanced and this will serve them well moving forward.” — Veblen Synergy

IAGON’s team is made up of several dedicated and forward thinking minds, a fact that is not missed by the VS analysis team. A rating of 97/100 was given following the evaluation and analysis of the IAGON team, with heightened emphasis placed on the backgrounds and achievements of CEO Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, COO Elad Harison, CTO Dr. Claudio Lima and their trusted advisors.

3. Environment: 97/100

“While they may be in direct competition for decentralized cloud storage, Iagon actually offers a wider range of services, raising them head and shoulders above competitors.” — Veblen Synergy

In another category that landed IAGON a 97/100 score, Veblen emphasised the unique aspects and features of the IAGON platform, ranging from our secure solutions for creating smart contracts over the Blockchain, to our agreements with companies such as Oracle, Ties.DB and HP Cloud28+.

4. Vision: 94/100

“Iagon demonstrates an exceptionally strong business model…” — Veblen Synergy

IAGON’s ambitious vision has garnered a 94/100 rating as we aim to disrupt and revolutionize the cloud storage industry. As we bring decentralized cloud services to the mainstream, our platform was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure. In addition, the IAGON’s Alexandria Protocol is built to adapt to analyzing new types of datasets in efforts to remain at the forefront of this industry.

5. Valuation: 97/100

Valued at 50 million USD, IAGON is in line with the average valuation of a project this size and managed to snag a 97/100 rating from Veblen in this category as well. With the number of tokens that we are presenting for sale (70%), we are well above industry standards, proving to our community that our team truly believes in decentralization and in our platform. Furthermore, the internal team and advisors only having an allocation of 10% of the total tokens, around half the norm within this space, makes it a fairly conservative valuation.

With an overall rating of 96/100, the IAGON platform is presenting itself as everything that we envisioned it to be, providing our dedicated team with even greater incentives to continue on the path to complete decentralization and revolutionizing of this innovative space.

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