In a recent article published by Cointelegraph, we were amazed of how many large Data Breaches have occurred over the past six months, leaving hackers with up to millions of dollars worth of prizes. This article specifically references cryptocurrency exchanges that have been victims of these attacks, and although they have promised to compensate their users’, this just shows us that even the biggest players cannot guarantee complete safety.

Data breaches tend to occur when individuals are allowed to read data that they are not authorized to access. Once they can read the data, they can compromise it and even manipulate changes. Depending on the type of data that’s compromised, the consequences can include destruction / corruption of databases, drops in company ratings, mainstream media overreaction or a damaged reputation, which are a few of the one’s experienced by these cryptocurrency exchanges.

As more and more data breaches continue to arise, companies need to be made aware of solutions such as IAGON that can be used to protect their users data and provide them with a safer experience. IAGON’s Secure Lake is based on the Blockchain unbreakable encryption technology, on file slicing and storage of small, anonymous and strongly encrypted slices of the original files ensures the complete protection of data files, other types of files (such as scans, photos and videos) and databases of any size to ensure the rapid retrieval and update of any stored file.

Aside from the user who securely uploads a file and has the password (key) to retrieve and encrypt it, no one can read the content of the small file slices, encrypt, delete, change, retrieve them, identify their source or even associate them with other file slices that are generated from the original, uploaded file. IAGON’s technology ensures that even when information systems are breached in any way, the data and files that they use cannot be accessed, deleted or modified in any way.

IAGON continues to work towards fulfilling the cloud needs of organizations, by providing bulletproof security against data leaks and breaches over the Blockchain at a lower cost. They also develop AI based allocation of processing and storage tasks over the decentralized grid that continuously improve and optimize its performance. There is no doubt that the technologies behind this platform contribute significantly to the security of users and their data.

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