IAGON aims to disrupt the cloud computing industry, providing decentralized cloud computing services that are powered by artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology and we continue to seek the building of relationships with like minded companies, that are breaking new ground in their respective industries.

So today, we are pleased to be able to announce another official partnership with Zeus Protocol.

Coined as the ‘Intelligent Blockchain’, Zeus Protocols scalable Blockchain computation has limitless possibilities and we are looking forward to working alongside their team in order to provide our users with such advancements.

We have witnessed the endless potential of Zeus Protocol and are eager to grow together as our partnership continues to be built based on our similar outlook and vision of the project and it’s limitless capabilities.Navjit Dhaliwal

Throughout this partnership, IAGON will be utilizing the ZeusID’s wallet persona to identify the wallets that would be most likely to participate with the IAGON platform as Zeus Protocol provides decrypted on-chain identity and insightful reputation analytics. The ZeusID allows you to create user identity and understand whether a user is verified by a third party, posses accredited investor status, or miner status.

While we continue to improve our innovative platform, IAGON is grateful for the opportunity to build partnerships that are centered around accessing the full capabilities of the Blockchain and other emerging technologies.


The Zeus Protocol is a 2nd layer network for Ethereum, focused on providing the network with key innovations to support applications with scalable computation, interoperability, identity & off-chain information. Their first solution, ZeusID, provides their partners and clients with decrypted on-chain identity and insightful reputation analytics by analyzing 30+ million wallets around the world.

From this, they’ve identified six key components that can provide a granular understanding behind the data and flow of assets on the Ethereum network. The team at Zeus Protocol have identified these components as Identity by Proxy, Risk Scores, Balances, Transaction History, Wallet Persona, and Wallet Graph.

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Zeus Protocol Links:

Email: Business@ZeusProtocol.com

Website: https://zeusprotocol.com/

ZeusID: id.zeusprotocol.com

Telegram: https://t.me/zeusprotocol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zeusprotocol

GitHub: https://github.com/ZeusProtocol