In business, it is important to have the right network of individuals around you in order to support and encourage your growth and development. This, of course, includes connecting with companies across the globe that will aid in the overall expansion. Companies that hold similar values, innovative spirits, and revolutionary minds.

Today, the IAGON team is announcing another amazing partnership with a global company that contains all of those traits listed above — DigitalOcean. As we continue to make strides forward towards disrupting the cloud, we are excited about the possibilities that this Solutions Partnership may bring. The Solutions Partnership will allow us to, not only produce greater market reach with their more than 3.5 million member community but also to grow and modernize our revolutionary cloud.

This partnership is going to bring amazing things to IAGON and we are pleased to have the ability to connect with such an incredible, worldwide company.

About DigitalOcean

The value driven organization is on a mission to simplify cloud computing so that developers and their teams can spend more time on building the software that changes the world. In their multi-tiered value system, DigitalOcean starts by defining the problem, expanding the perspectives, and planning ahead in a decisive fashion.


IAGON is developing a Smart Grid platform for large scale cloud services, which unites multiple business and private users by connecting them to a unified grid to provide and to utilize unused storage and processing capacities, such as disk spaces that remain unused in data centers and computer processors that operate during the night hours. Users who consume storage and processing power, contributed by other users of the Smart Grid, compensate them via IAGON cryptocurrency token transfers, which can be converted back to real (fiat) money.

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