Today, May 3rd, 2019, marks an incredible milestone for the IAGON project and the team behind the platform, as we are pleased to announce our first after token-sale distribution for our lovely token holders.

We need to note that this distribution is first for us so we are testing all things in terms of tracking, collecting and allocation of our rewards for those who trust in our project.

As it was informed earlier we will be moving forward with the distribution of the remaining, unsold tokens for token sale participants, over the course of a 2-year period. During this time, all qualified participants will receive the allotted token distribution once correlating milestones have been achieved, with the disbursements growing in size as greater milestones are achieved.

It is important to note, however, that should any ICO participant sell their purchased tokens or tokens received through our Post-Sale distribution, they will forfeit any future token distributions that may have been available to them.

Today is the start of first distribution that will go several days and all token holders who are required to receive it will have it.

If you think that you should receive it — please check the list of token holders qualified for the next distribution —

It will be updated several times and if you don’t see yourself — just wait for a little, no reason to worry.

Conditions of the first distribution

  • We are distributing 4% of the full amount of unsold tokens;
  • This 4% will be divided into percentage held by a token holder taking into account the total IAG tokens volume (1bln tokens)

Thank you for your trust in IAGON. Keep moving forward together.

Also, we invite you to take a moment to welcome the Nauticus Exchange and its team to the IAGON community and find more information on our listing partner, Nauticus and how to register at

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