Multitudes of people have been engaging with and supporting IAGON throughout our extensive and revolutionary journey to disrupt the cloud computing industry. Though this could be attributed to many factors, we tend to believe that it is because we are not your typical decentralized service, rather, we are a force to be reckoned with as we forge ahead to reach the accomplishments that have been previously laid out to our community members, supporters, investors, and beyond.

Due to our outstanding ability to meet and surpass industry standards, ensuring the highest level of security for your cloud computing storage and processing needs, accompanied with our innovative plan of implementation that allows us to provide services around the world, at a much lower cost, IAGON has garnered attention from several publications, blockchain pioneers, investors, and the public as well.

Approaching the new month ahead of us, we stand on track to diversify and disrupt the cloud computing industry with our Blockchain based solution, that will allow us to aggressively compete against the primary industry hard hitters, including, Google, AWS, Microsoft and IBM.

Can It Be Done?

The question has been presented many times before…

‘What makes you so sure that this is a market that can be disrupted?’

Well, in short, because decentralized cloud computing services offer a heightened level of security, one that is not only necessary, but long overdue and expected following multiple breaches of centralized systems, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and plenty more over the last couple of years.

Moreover, because cloud computing services are built on a structured archetype that relies on a remotely accessible land of shared resources, essentially slashing the outrageous prices, eliminating the expensive hardware necessary, and avoiding the additional expenditures used in hiring an internal IT staff and/or firm.

This in and of itself lends credence and validity to the undeniable level of adoption that decentralized cloud computing services will inevitably attain, and we cannot wait to meet you all at the finish line.

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