We are proud to announce that Cardano Foundation and IOHK have given Iagon developers the opportunity to test the Alonzo White upgrade on Cardano.

Alonzo White is the next upgrade on the testnet, following the Alonzo Blue, giving more network users access to the technologies, thanks to the hard work that has been rolled out and implemented by the IOHK development team.

We are really excited about the opportunity this gives Iagon and our developers, to not only interact with the technology, and start to test how we can best utilize smart contracts on Cardano, but also that we can participate and provide value within the Cardano community.

The goal with Alonzo White is to expand the capabilities of the smart contract features, for testing before Alonzo Red and Black, and then finally launch on the main net. This is to ensure the continuous quality of what we have come to expect from the Cardano Foundation and IOHK.

These innovative upgrades to the network will give a massive functional value to DeFi applications looking for an alternative to Ethereum, and will only increase the strength of Cardano as a technology to build upon.

Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, we should all be able to create amazing tools and applications on these awesome features at the projected release, at the end of September.

Remember to stay tuned in to the Iagon space for more information about our journey with Cardano and the evolution of our product.