Today we are thrilled to announce that IAGON has been given a grade of 91% through a recent ICO Deep Analysis conducted by Jason North, from Rocket Fuel Capital. This is a huge honor for IAGON, as only 1 to 2 projects out of 100 usually make it to this level, and we are grateful to have been granted this immense accomplishment.

According to Jason North, IAGON’s base score started at 86% and has been consistently trending upwards. For the purposes of full disclosure, North clearly mentions that this analysis was conducted before he had officially started advising this project, therefore it remains completely unbiased, however, towards the end of his analysis, he was officially invited to become an advisor to the IAGON team. In addition, North stated that the uniqueness, ambitiousness and overall vision of IAGON, is what led him to the decision of becoming an advisor.

“I only want to work with the best companies that I believe in and that have a future.” — Jason North

Below, you will find an overview of the pro’s and con’s discussed in this ICO Deep Analysis:


  • IAGON has a solid, ambitious vision
  • The project is definitely in a hot market that is only going to get bigger in the future
  • IAGON is the first company that is addressing the real need for decentralized cloud computing and storage services at a low cost
  • The Founders are 3 doctors, all with PHDs
  • IAGON’s total market is massive and can be divided by potential customer base and the miner target market
  • IAGON has a working MVP or prototype that’s already available
  • IAGON’s token metrics are solid
  • Their twist in this space is focused on AI unlike anyone else


  • IAGON was missing team members such as AI advisors
  • Certain team members are still not full time
  • They outsourced their MVP to another company

“In terms of con’s, I really didn’t find that many, and the one’s I did find, they managed to address and resolve quickly. The team is super responsive and their vision is huge. I am really excited about this project and I’m amazed with what they’ve accomplished within this year. I believe that the space that they are in has amazing potential.” — Jason North

To find complete details on this ICO Deep Analysis you can review the following link: