Here’s What You Need To Know

IAGON (IAG) is dedicated to resolving all issues following this unexpected pause and, although we find it unfortunate that we will not be able to continue forward with the IAGON token sale through Dragonchain, it is our primary concern to keep our contributors and supporters safe and satisfied without hiccups and roadblocks that could potentially be avoided all together. We have scheduled a meeting on Monday with the Dragonchain and IAGON legal teams in an effort to understand more about this decision and what the next steps will be. For now, per their recommendation there will be a pause placed on the IAGON token sale and we will need to wait for further direction.

Following the above mentioned meeting, we will have additional information pertaining to how we will go about the ETH refunds or IAG token distribution for our early supporters. IAGON will continue to remain transparent, dispensing of information as we receive it.

Reimbursement & Future Sales

In reference to what will be done with the previous contributions, as of today, we are not able to give direct answers, as we are waiting for confirmation received subsequent to the upcoming Monday meeting with the Dragonchain team. At that point, all information pertaining to the method of reimbursement will be openly shared with our community members as we aim to assure you that everyone will be reimbursed by way of ETH contributions being returned or in the form of IAG tokens. In the event that your ETH contribution is sent back to you, we will have an organized pre-sale, through our website ( Should that be the case, those details will be distributed at a later date. On the other hand, if IAG tokens are to be distributed, we will be transferring the IAG tokens to the contributors, while simultaneously opening access to a sale that will span over a short period of time, of which is still TBD.

Rest assured that we will be doing all that is legal and ethical to make sure that our supporters and community members have their rights and tokens preserved or the contributions returned and we will keep everybody posted on any new developments as they occur.

Executive Summary

  • IAGON is 100% compliant with financial regulations as a Norwegian entity operating from Norway.
  • Meeting with Dragonchain on Monday, April 30th, 2018 to decide next steps.
  • All investors are protected, and will either be reimbursed their contributions or have their investments automatically transferred into IAGON’s contribution address directly.
  • If investors get reimbursed, IAGON will offer the same bonuses to everyone, and hope that everyone wants to keep supporting our project.
  • We are incredibly motivated to keep working towards revolutionizing the cloud storage industry with a cutting edge solution.
  • IAGON is still interested in building using the Dragonchain platform and still interest in being a future resource as a marketplace vendor for the Dragonchain ecosystem.