Having a successful project doesn’t mean much if it isn’t supported by the community and investors, which is why we are extremely happy to receive positive feedback on our project. This allows us to see that we’re on the right path to building something of meaning.

This past week, ICOPulse placed IAGON as the number one ICO on their Active ICO list, giving us a score of 9.8 out of 10.

ICOPulse is a platform that serves as a guide in the world of cryptoinvestment.

They use a unique algorithm which helps them form a general ICO rating. The algorithm consists of other famous ranking websites, as well as social activities and GitHub updates.

Meanwhile, IAGON’s ICO profile was rated 4.8 on ICObench, which is rated by independent experts in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

We believe that our good scores on ICOpulse and ICObench demonstrates that IAGON’s ICO is promising and reliable. And we promise that we’ll show our community that we’re worthy of our rankings.

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