Over this past weekend there were several reported outages for the popular app, Telegram. Due to these major outages, platform users in various regions were unable to properly access the platform, if they were able to access it at all, leading to many users submitting online complaints regarding this issue.

In a statement that Telegram released to their users, they acknowledged the problem, saying: “Repairs are ongoing after a massive power outage in the Amsterdam region that affected many services. Telegram users in Europe, MENA, Russia and the CIS are currently unable to connect. We apologize and will update you on the progress.”

Telegram, the encrypted messenger app, has become the go-to platform for Blockchain companies and debates on crypto-assets and numerous startups are relying on the app to effectively communicate with their community. Their issues with downtime, however, are causing users to doubt the company’s reliability. Remember, this wasn’t the first time that Telegram has come under fire for their platform shutdowns and undesired downtime, but we at IAGON strive to prevent this from happening to other online community platforms in the future.

At IAGON we understand the problem and are ready to provide a valuable solution for growing companies by using distributed data and distributed processing. Our platform will collect GPU and CPU processors from users during idle times, enabling us to create a global supercomputer which will allow our users to access extreme computational power and data storage at a highly secure level. To ensure the security of your files, all data that a company shares on our platform will be broken into shards (pieces), with each shard copied several times and distributed to multiple nodes/miners. So, even if a person hacks into the system and gets access to one specific piece of data, they won’t be able to encrypt or understand it without other pieces of data, which will remain unattainable, as full data sets can only be accessed, edited or deleted by the individual or company who owns the private key.

Since the distributed data that IAGON collects has several shards and copies of each shard, data stored on our platform is accessible 24/7. Meaning if data is divided between numerous nodes (or servers) the others will be fully capable of taking over the task and continuing to provide the user with undisturbed operations. This structure is going to have the ability to assist other online platforms who access the full capabilities and potential of the IAGON platform, to nullify their downtime and server problems.

As a result, individuals and organizations that accumulate large data sets as a part of their day-to-day operations will now have new ways to store it on a secure platform and IAGON can deliver those innovative methods at up to 80% cheaper than the centralized solutions.