Another day at IAGON and we got another new and exciting team-up to announce. We’re partnering with popular decentralized Blockchain platform that seeds and nurtures a community dedicated to the launching, backing and promoting of new projects through a fluid organizational model referred to as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We’re presenting WINGS!

WINGS provides a decentralized prediction market to the holder of its tokens, where participants receive tokens for their accurate forecasts regarding the results of a submitted project. If a participant has proven expertise in accurately forecasting different projects, he or she will be able to take part in the new forecasting campaign. This is how holders of WINGS tokens will be able to forecast the result of the upcoming IAGON token generation event. WINGS is an Ethereum network that has an unbreakable and 100% accountable track record of the token sale evaluation from a diverse group of crypto advisors, enthusiasts and experts who take part in the strong WINGS community. We look forward to working together with WINGS to gather crowd opinion about our IAGON token generation event. Besides that, we strongly believe that WINGS community would only help maximize our social promotion to reach early adopters for our project.

About Wings:

Wings Foundation is based in Switzerland and combines several concepts, ranging from attention rewards, forecasting markets, smart contracts, governance models and federated funds security. It has successfully evaluated the fundraising outcome of some of the largest token sales events to this day. Wings platform is encouraging their community to identify and promote high-value proposals that have higher chances of positive financial returns. They believe in giving out tangible incentives for WINGS token holders, so they put the effort in making the best available choices to maximize their rewards.

About IAGON:

IAGON is developing a Smart Grid platform for large scale cloud services, which unites multiple business and private users by connecting them to a unified grid to provide and to utilize unused storage and processing capacities, such as disk spaces that remain unused in data centers and computer processors that operate during the night hours. Users who consume storage and processing power, contributed by other users of the Smart Grid, compensate them via IAGON cryptocurrency token transfers, which can be converted back to real (fiat) money.

We are proud to add Wings to the growing list of our partnerships and truly believe that they will be of great help in forecasting and promoting our upcoming Token sale.

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