Over here at IAGON, we continue to develop partnerships with significant players in the industry, delivering our customers, investors and supporters with a base of unlimited potential and today, June 5th, 2018, we are honored to announce our newest partnership with Singapore-based Blockchain platform, Credits.

Credits has been working on developing cutting-edge-technologies such as using Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, Internet of things and more. Additionally, they are the fastest and most scalable Blockchain platform for dApps, with a processing time of roughly 0.1 seconds. Based around Blockchain technology and smart contracts, Credits hosts a unique platform for the development and execution of dApps, using Dpos and BFT for enhanced speed results.

The Memorandum of understanding that has been developed between IAGON and Credits is the first step in a long-term technological partnership, allowing us to collaborate through cooperative meetings, discussing additional steps in the process.

After reviewing their detailed Whitepaper and assessing their similar vision, we are extremely excited to work with Credits and suggest that others review the Whitepaper and Beta version of the platform, which are ready and available on the Credits.com website.

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