Companies recognize the value of data as a key component and asset, that needs to be safeguarded. As the global data industry continues to grow, organizations will find themselves in the need to search for a secure, scalable architecture that can support on-demand capacity and the ever-increasing amounts of data. The organizations that decide not to leverage the public cloud or take a “wait and see” approach may run into risks of being disrupted by others in their industry. Additional consequences include losing valuable data, leading to financial catastrophes that would potentially put the organizations at “risk”.

On March 1st, 2018, Equifax, a company that specializes in disseminating unsecured user information, identified that another 2.4 million Equifax consumers had sensitive data such as names and partial driver’s license numbers stolen in massive leaks within the last year.

This is a common problem that many businesses are facing — The ability to cope with security demands required to protect their systems. Major factors that are causing these issues are often associated with cost and the complexity required to implement these security solutions. Using these two premises as core goals is what gave origin to IAGON.

The Big Data market is characterized by the recent adoption of Data Lake architectures, such as information systems that are based on the Hadoop framework, by large companies. The Data Lake architecture is based on implementation of a NoSQL central database (such as MongoDB, HBase or Cassandra) in which files of any sort can be stored and retrieved from.

Nonetheless, the data lake architecture suggests that once it is hacked, an intruder can “swim” in the database system, explore the files and gain access to valuable data describing every aspect of the operations of an organization that is hacked.

IAGON’s Secure Lake is based on the Blockchain unbreakable encryption technology, on file slicing and storage of small, anonymous and strongly encrypted slices of the original files ensures the complete protection of data files, other types of files (such as scans, photos and videos) and databases of any size and ensures the rapid retrieval and update of any stored file. Except from the user who securely uploads a file and has the password (key) to retrieve and encrypt it, no one can read the contents of the small file slices, encrypt, delete, change, retrieve them, identify their source or even associate them with other file slices that are generated from the original, uploaded file. IAGON’s technology ensures that even when information systems are breached in any way, the data and files that they use cannot be accessed, deleted or modified in any way.

In conclusion, IAGON’s vision is to introduce an alternative to AWS, Google Cloud and Azure’s cloud services that will cater the needs of Big Data and AI operations, as well as to those of conventional data storage and processing operations. IAGON aims to fulfill the cloud needs of organizations, ranging from SMEs to corporates, by providing bullet-proof security against data leaks and breaches over the Blockchain at a lower cost. IAGON also develops AI based allocation of processing and storage tasks over the decentralized grid to continuously improve and optimize its performance.

IAGON’s Pre-Sale will begin on May 27th, 2018.

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