We came into the game with the knowledge that there were going to be difficulties, but also understanding that once we overcome these difficulties, we would be able to take the industry by storm and effectively disrupt the cloud computing industry as we’ve known it.

Our stance remains the same, today.

The vast differences that we are currently experiencing when comparing decentralized cloud computing and centralized services cannot be understated, nor can we neglect to notice the ever present fact that decentralization provides a sense of security that is, in other instances, ignored. And we are not just seeing these differences in reference to the blockchain and FinTech sectors, but also in things that otherwise affect our company and community members, including digital marketing.

As IAGON has continued to make breakthrough improvements to the platform over the course of development, we have continued to benefit from the use of implementation of various Digital Marketing techniques due to our desire to successfully reach a broad audience. This is nothing new for similar projects either, as various marketing firms have been behind the scenes of online content promoting token sales and cloud operations worldwide.

The ability to market yourself, in any capacity, to a global audience is pretty remarkable, however, it is also going to take the participation of multiple people, including content & image creators, social media managers, and yes, even advertisers. Because of the intricacies involved and the previous issues that have been raised within the Digital Marketing sector, there has definitely been chatter about the ability that Blockchain applications may possess as we look towards ease of implementation for digital marketing projects. While these advancements may not occur for several years to come, it is easy to visualize how effectively streamlining targeted ads, by way of user controlled smart contracts, may allow for individuals to cut out the middleman and prevent an onslaught of unwanted advertisements.

Moreover, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will allow for the system to continue to grow according to user engagement, and things of the like.

Now, I know you’re wondering about sharing of personal information, leaking of selected details and, and a million other little tidbits of doubt, however, I feel as though the level of transparency, when looking into digital marketing as it is now, verses how it could be reinvented in the near future… We’ve not got much to be wary of.

Either way… Technology is growing, the world around us is advancing, and it’s our duty to keep up.

What are your thoughts of Digital Marketing on the Blockchain?

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