Coming to a close is another year of memories, achievements, and advancements in the Financial Technology sector, and across the globe. During this time, we have seen many companies looking towards entry into the realm of decentralized cloud computing, as our team continued to strive towards meeting all of our 2018 goals, and delivering on promises made to our loyal community members and valued advisors.

Likely due to the transparency and honesty that we deliver, IAGON has been able to weather the storm that has taken over the industry, allowing us to bring in the new year on a positive note, and with even greater ambitions than before. Throughout this past year, we have successfully completed private and public sales, partnered with several innovative companies, surpassed our soft cap, and had a great run towards our hard cap, despite the lull in the overall market.

Additionally, we were able to place a heightened focus on the overall platform design & architecture, test the IAGON smart contract, and allow access to IAGON’s Distributed Storage and Processing as well.

Bringing in the New Year, the team over here at IAGON continues to work towards the development of an optimal platform for our users. Aiming to completely revolutionize the cloud computing industry for 2019 and beyond, IAGON has already begun Initial adopter collaborations with Mindsync, NEUREAL, BitNautic, CREMIT, IMMVRSE, TIP Blockchain, Triwer, Aibb , solidified new private investor relationships, and plan to release a new version of the platform in January 2019, to include Integrated DApps.

As excited as we are to be making such headway, even in the face of adversity, we understand that none of our previous achievements could have been accomplished without the help and support of our community members, and we hope that you know that we are immensely appreciative of you, and will continue to dedicate our hard work and success to all of you!

Here’s to the year ahead! Happy Holidays from the IAGON Team!

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