As you probably know, the Iagon team launched the Token Bridge for converting ERC-20 into CNT tokens and vice versa.

Bridge Token
Iagon presents with honour

However, we want to be sure the UI works like a charm and is easy to use for everyone. That’s why we are planning to test our Bridge UI with a little bit of help from our friends.

The big bug hunt

In other words, we’d like to announce the Bug Bounty program and invite you, dear Iagonauts, to join the tests and earn some rewards along the way. This type of cooperation where individuals are compensated for exposing the system’s vulnerabilities is becoming more and more popular in the industry. The main goal of our program is to identify all potential risks and points of failure, making it easier for the dev team to ensure that the bridge UI is completely safe and that you can trust Iagon with your assets. As for the bridge mechanism itself, it is handled by our valued partners, Milkomeda and Nomad. You can read about their solutions in one of the previous blog articles.

Of course, we could perform the tests on our own, but where’s the fun in that? Iagon is a group of team players so it’s no wonder we are so community-oriented. Your insights are extremely valuable to us, so do not hesitate to contribute and join the Bug Bounty program now!

Iagon Token Bridge UI Beta Launch

Have we already told you we are really excited to launch our Token Bridge beta? Well, we probably wouldn’t get so far without our Tester Program participants. This is why we’re counting on their participation in the Bug Bounty as well. So join us now on the lookout for any bugs or security vulnerabilities in our new UI codebase.

If you want to participate in this Bug Bounty, please join Tester Program first, and follow the instructions that will be sent to you by email.

Iagon Trusted Tester Program Announced
Learn about the new tester program and requirements to participate in Iagon’s products testing.

Duration & Rewards

Our Bug Bounty will continue until Wednesday, June 15th, 10 AM CET. The team reserves the right to close the Bug Bounty earlier if there are no more bug submissions to be fixed. All rewards are subject to the team’s discretion, based on the info provided.

Rewards will be paid out in $IAG tokens on Cardano. As for the amounts, we will be offering $IAG equivalents of USD 100, USD 200, USD 500, or USD 1,000 in $IAG – depending on the severity of a given bug. The total reward pool is USD 10,000 (in $IAG).

Eligibility & Reporting

To be eligible for any Bug Bounty reward, a user must report the finding to the Iagon team and not disclose it publicly.

To report a bug, please fill out the form below with as many details as possible. Please remember, that you must submit Tester Program participant form first.

Generally, a good description of the bug is enough, but the more information you can provide, the quicker we can check it and fix it. Again, please remember that all rewards are subject to the team’s discretion.

Bear in mind that bug submissions will be considered on a first come, first served basis (the time of submission will be the key factor). There is no limit as regards the number of submissions from a single person.  

After you submit a bug, you will receive a reply from our team by email. It will either contain confirmation of your input or reasons for rejection. Please take into consideration that we need some time to investigate your input and prepare a reply.

At Iagon, we believe in the power of collaboration and transparency. We will be grateful for your input and support. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the features you’d like to see in our Token Bridge UI.

For more information and other updates, please follow us on our social media or head over to the IAGON Website!