As we move into September, there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes at IAGON and we are pleased to have the ability to share in our experiences with all of our amazing community members.

With that being said, we are proud to announce that the IAGON project has been mentioned in the THE AUSTRALIAN following an amazing investor’s presentation.

London-based Memorandum Capital has recently ‘set up shop’ in Australia as initial coin offering specialists that strive to garner trust in initial coin offerings and after a thorough review of between 300+ additional projects, IAGON was covered as one of the only three hand selected projects that made the cut.

In a statement made by Memorandum Capital’s co-founder and managing partner, Sergey Vostrikov and published in the 9/11/2018 release of The Australian, he states:

“We are there to satisfy both sides and our main value for investors is that we do a lot of the due diligence and analyse the projects for them. We apply a lot of the same fundamentals used in the traditional venture capital market, so we don’t see a company as a Blockchain company but we look at whether it can make money or not.”

We are highly honored to be mentioned in the largest selling national Australian Newspaper and could not have accomplished this without the support of the IAGON community, and the amazing work of Mike and Karen of Memorandum Capital.

Read the full Australian Newspaper article, here.

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