Did you know that approximately 64 percent of companies have reduced waste and lowered their consumption of energy, directly after transitioning to the cloud in place of their previous storage and processing needs?

Well, if you weren’t aware of that fact before, at least you have taken the time out to read this article and become informed on all of the amazing features that these advancements in technology are being presented to society today.

The reality of, and technology behind, the cloud computing services industry can feel a bit unnerving at first, especially if you are new to the space. There are so many confusing terms and questionable outcomes, which can cause an eerily familiar disconnect between what you’re expecting in comparison to what the cloud is actually capable of providing.

While there are millions of companies, be it small or large, that are utilizing the ‘Cloud’, the reasoning behind their initial decision to shift to the cloud generally falls into one of the following three categories:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Increased Data Protection
  • Reduction of Energy Consumption
  • Quicker Processing Speed

IAGON (IAG) is a project that aims to disrupt the cloud computing industry by developing a platform that is meant to cater to, not only the aforementioned needs, but also to the call for enhanced security, on a decentralized platform.

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