On October 17th, 2022 Iagon hosted a Live Q&A session with the Tech Team on Youtube. The session was conducted by Pavlo Babenko, our Marketing Manager. Its objective was to showcase the latest updates and answer all questions related to the architecture behind our cloud storage platform. We were incredibly excited to see such significant community involvement. Thank you for that!

If you missed the live session but would like to know what it was about, you can watch the full recording here

The session consisted of two main parts. The first one was structured more like a traditional presentation.

  • Andrew Ong, our Head of Engineering, prepared an interface demo and then moved on to the innovative technical aspects of the project’s architecture.
  • Kang Chen (Senior Fullstack Developer) talked about the backend specifics, describing the high-level architecture diagram and discussing the API.
  • Talha Hussain (Fullstack Developer) described the Cardano wallet authentication process in detail.

The second part of the session was the more interactive bit. The team provided answers to questions submitted by the community members. Some of them were collected before the session, others came from the viewers active in the live chat. You can browse through the questions below but if you’d rather hear the complete answers, feel free to watch the session recording

Once again, we’d like to thank you, our beloved community, for all the support! It’s genuinely heartwarming that you guys are so excited about the project. We really think the platform is a valuable addition to the Cardano ecosystem and we’re so glad you agree with this. The potential for web 3.0 and metaverse applications is absolutely tremendous so we want to keep up the good work and move ahead! Stay tuned, we will share some updates soon.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and feel free to drop any project-related questions you may have directly in the Telegram group. Our team is always eager to discuss them!