The Full FOX Interview

We recently informed our followers and all interested parties about an amazing interview that was coordinated by the New to the Street team and set to air on the FOX network, giving everyone insight into what was to be discussed through a taped, pre-interview conversation with the NTTS team.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the full interview has aired, and successfully worked to answer some of the questions that the public has had in reference to just who and what IAGON is, as well as what we aim to accomplish as we break the glass ceiling of the cloud computing industry.

This in-depth interview with IAGON’s CEO Navjit Dhaliwal was conducted by New on the Street’s CJ Papa and covered a wide array of what people can expect to see from IAGON, how and why we got our start, and the aspects of IAGON that differentiate us from the competition in both the centralized and decentralized cloud spaces.

“IAGON is using AI for learning the behavior of the miners. Miners being anyone that’s allocating storage space or processing power to the network.” - Navjit Dhaliwal

This interview, along with others that have been conducted throughout the course of this project thus far, delves into exactly who we are at the core, what we are seeking to do in the immediate future, and our goals for what is to come next.

“We are focusing right now on the development and we’re going to have a ready product by next month… which is the distributed storage and the distributed processing, and we’re going to be implementing the AI, early 2019.” — Navjit Dhaliwal

You will be able to watch the full interview of New on the Street’s interview with IAGON CEO Navjit Dhaliwal, here, or download the entire interview transcript by following this link.

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