According to a September 21st, 2018 report that has been released by the IT Governance Blog , following a thorough review from ‘InsuranceBee Survey, we are looking at the fact that far more than half of all small and medium-sized enterprises, have not ensured their preparedness in the event that their companies experienced an unforeseen attack on their customers and valued consumers most precious information and personal data files.

Subsequent to the review, Maureen Brogie, InsuranceBee’s Senior Advisor spoke with HelpNet Security, stating:

“It’s positive that SMB owners are beginning to take note of the damage a cyber attack can do to their business, but what’s clear from our survey is that they don’t fully understand the benefit of having a cyber insurance policy. Educating SMBs on what a cyber policy can protect them from is crucial, before they see the value in purchasing it, and this is something the insurance industry needs to address.”

Although the numbers, when truly examined, indicate that it is much more effective and forward thinking to have a set plan of action for instances that a hacker may attempt to break into your company’s network, with HelpNet estimating that every breach is costing the company upwards of $120,000 USD through recovery and repayment efforts, and that is excluding the potential lawsuits that may follow behind.

So, now the question turns into a simple, why? Why, if you know what the potential outcomes may be, would you neglect to ensure that your company and client data is stored safely and securely within the cloud? Well, as the InsuranceBee survey has discovered, there are ‘reasons’ that deter people from going that one extra mile.

Out of the over 1,000 SMEs that participated in IB’s Cyber Survey, a mere 17% say that they are prepared for a cyber attack if it were to come in their direction, with 52% of the participants mentioned the unlikelihood of their companies falling victim to such attacks, and 6% held onto a downright, misguided confidence in their organization’s ability to stave off any type of cyber attack.

Iagon, however, is here to help and has specifically stepped into the arena of cloud storage and security in order to aid in the solving of these most important issues surrounding the cloud. When considering all of the high profile breaches that have been taking place over the course of the last few months, it would be naive to assume that ‘your company won’t be next, especially if it is showcasing heightened vulnerabilities.

Iagon is based on the Blockchain and powered through artificial intelligence and we aim to revolutionize the cloud through the implementation of secure, decentralized cloud storage services. The ability to build based on a decentralized future means that there will automatically be better security services than those of the more common, centralized players and we intend to compete with them fully, exhibiting a platform that is, not only run on the Ethereum Blockchain, but that also possesses secure lake technology for an even more secure experience.

Don’t wait until your company is breached, look into taking additional precautions now!

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