The IAGON team has gained a new, influential and impressive member from the Cloud Computing community who will help us to improve our platform and bring the IAGON project to the light of the day.

We’re more than excited to present to the public Dr. Rohit Gupta, IAGON’s newest Advisor.

Dr. Gupta is a pioneer in the industry, with his thesis and other papers being referenced in many modern day cloud computing journals.

He is a technology leader with a proven track record for building large-scale, secure, distributed systems and database/caching solutions for both on-prem and cloud environments. Additionally, he is a tech expert with great knowledge and background in Travel, E-commerce, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Fraud and more.

Currently, he’s the Director of Technology at Expedia Group and founder of Health Gini. He was previously Software Development Manager at Amazon where he managed teams in the US and India within Amazon Fulfillment Technologies (AFT), which is responsible for developing and owning Amazon’s warehouse management system (WMS) that is used in hundreds of fulfillment centers around the globe.

He will help IAGON develop the CPU and GPU allocation side of the project, while continuing to advise and assist the IAGON team with other various aspects of our development process.

With him on board, we believe IAGON can sweep away the competition with its decentralized cloud solution platform utilizing Blockchain.

Welcome to the team Dr. Rohit Gupta. We’re excited to see what this collaboration brings as this partnership will allow us to fast track the development of our innovative platform, delivering an optimal solution to your cloud computing needs.

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