This has been long awaited and we dearly appreciate all of the support and patience that has been exhibited throughout this time of token distribution, along with final numbers and statistics.

As is well known, the market has been going through a few drastic changes as of late, however, in any investment market, regardless of it being within the cryptocurrency and/or blockchain space, or within your typical wall street marketplace, there are going to be downward and upward trends, so it is imperative to understand the market and the rise that we will likely see within the next several months.

Now, with that being said, there have been a lot of questions concerning the ending numbers and even more regarding ‘Post-Token Sale’ activities and things of the like. Please refer to the article ‘After Token Sale’ via our medium account in order to have a few of your important questions answered.

Post-Token Sale Numbers

The following numbers depict the total number of IAG tokens that have been sold as 156,756,444 IAG while the total number of investors has been calculated at 6,247.

We have sold 139,606,499 IAG in Private Sales & Pre-Sale stage and 17,149,945 IAG for the Main Token Sale stage.

Total amount of IAG tokens for two phases of Our Token Sale, according to our Whitepaper, was 700,000,000 IAG. It means that for the further distributions we have 543,243,556.00 IAG.

We will be moving forward with the distribution of all of the remaining unsold tokens, to current token holders over the course of the next two years, however, these disbursements will exclude: certain advisors, partners, affiliates, and airdrop participants (airdrop participants that have invested in the ICO are not excluded).

During this time, all qualified participants (ICO participants, bounty hunters, certain advisors, miners, team) will receive the allotted token distribution once correlating milestones have been achieved, with the disbursements growing in size as greater milestones are achieved. Check more information in our previous article — Post-Sale Community Information.

Should you have any additional questions and/or concerns, please report these concerns to, or read through the news and announcements section of our telegram account.

We continue to appreciate your support and patience and look forward to revolutionizing the cloud, one milestone at a time.

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