IAGON has been putting in the time necessary to successfully introduce this revolutionary service to the world, and that didn’t stop with the conclusion of the token sale. You’ve seen us on Fox, and featured in several online publications as well, and now we are proud to say that IAGON CEO, Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal has also been featured on Sky News!

In the nearly two and a half minute feature, Navjit goes over the key attributes of Norway-based IAGON AS, and covers the benefits that are provided to those of you that choose to access the cloud computing and processing power services that are available, as well as those that decide to become a miner on the IAGON platform.

When it comes to cloud storage, all lines lead to central, but Norwegian based IAGON is on another track all together.Sky News

Our decentralized cloud services are optimized by Artificial Intelligence, a point that Navjit hits on in the Sky News feature, and it is through the implementation of the AI, that we are able to effectively learn about our miners. This includes behaviors such as performance, availability, cost benefit, and trust-ability. All information that is used to give the miners a specific cloud score, which allows the miner to price their services accordingly.

In addition, this feature covers a few of the details on how IAGON’s decentralized services are able to provide extensive and fail-safe privacy protections.

“We have no central point of attack, meaning that we’re completely secure, and that’s the main advantage that we have. Against both sides…” — Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal

Don’t miss the chance to see our CEO’s feature on Sky News, by following the link, here.

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