Everyday we witness new breakthroughs in decentralized technology and cryptocurrency as the expanding list of innovative disruptions continue to shake up the industry. With the second week of April rolling in strong, we at IAGON are excited to announce the winners of the IAGON Legacy Competition, Round 1.

IAGON uses the world’s leading technology for developing and establishing two online grids to connect users that demand storage capacities for Big Data and large processing capabilities for Artificial Intelligence computations. As previously mentioned, the IAGON AI protocol is based on scores given to miners for their gpu, cpu and storage capabilities and we are in need of a name for these scores (i.e. Dragonchain Slumber Score).

Thanks to the massive amount of community engagement and involvement in the competition, we have compiled a large list of suggestions and have managed to narrow the list down to the 5 most popular name suggestions. Although there were several enviable ideas and some funny ones as well, the names that shined the brightest and garnered the most support are the following:

Round 2 of the contest will consist of a poll where members from the community can participate with their votes on the name that they like the most out of the list above. The team at IAGON will ultimately be deciding upon the top 3 contestants, as well as the final winner of the competition, however, we are basing our decision upon a combination of relevance and alignment with the overall vision of IAGON, along with taking into account the thoughts of our community members.

This phase of the competition will be open on Facebook, to community members and supporters, beginning at 5pm PST on Monday, April 9th, 2018 and will run through Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 @ 9am PST. Winners of the competition will be announced SOLELY through the IAGON Reddit Page, with each of the 3 receiving prizes in the form of IAGON Tokens: 12,500 IAG Tokens for 1st Place, 6,250 IAG Tokens for 1st Place and 3,333 IAG Tokens for the 3rd place suggestion.

Please remember to subscribe to our Reddit page in order to track the winners and get involved in our upcoming community events. We look forward to hearing from you!

Good Luck,

The IAGON Team