Running a company is not a piece of cake. Let alone building a new one from scratch. Business owners have a lot to think about at the start of their journey. Cost management, product adoption, uncertain future - all this has to be taken into account. As if that was not enough, the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 forced the acceleration of digital transformation within the business sector. According to analysts from Gartner, Inc., a technological research and consulting firm, more than 85% of enterprises will operate on a cloud-first basis by 2025.

Why is the cloud good for your business?

Adopting cloud services in the earliest stages of a company’s lifecycle can solve many potential problems, but brings a few challenges along. Can Iagon do anything to relieve startups? Some startups are lucky enough to have investors that back them up, others have to worry about their capital. Despite the differences, all of them can benefit from using cloud services.

Cloud technology helps new businesses to start with less capital. There is no need for costly IT infrastructure and software it would have to run on. Not having to maintain all that hardware means the need for office space is reduced which, in turn, translates to even more savings. These funds can then be spent on marketing, research, customer service, or whatever the company needs to grow.

You can never be certain when your product or service becomes popular and your company starts growing. Is it reasonable to invest a lot in the equipment upfront? What if it turns out you don’t need so much? What do you do during a lockdown? Cloud services are easily scalable exactly when you need more storage or computing resources so no long-term investments are necessary.

One of the most important benefits of using cloud services is data security. Your data needs to be kept safe, especially if your product is unique and revolutionary. Storing valuable files on-site is not the best idea even if your employees need 24/7 access. Some companies cannot afford maintenance breaks or losing backup data. Cloud storage is generally a lot safer and solves the problems of maintenance-related downtime and server failure.

Moreover, the cloud is always up to date. Startup owners don’t have to worry about aging hardware or expiring software licenses. Let’s not forget that access to the newest software and equipment generally improves the ability to adopt new technologies.

Finally, if there’s no IT structure to maintain, there’s no need for an IT team, which helps to cut down on expenses even more. Most cloud platforms are user-friendly, and some providers offer assistance when necessary.

No need to be afraid

Even though the cloud solves a lot of problems startup owners deal with, it’s not necessarily a bed of roses. It might be reasonable to take a step back and look at the bigger picture to investigate potential traps. Let’s see if Iagon can do anything about them.

First of all, some cloud service providers offer service bundles exclusively. You have to pay for the full package, unable to separate one type of service from the other. What if you’re only looking for cloud storage? What if it’s just cloud computing you’re after? At Iagon, we think you should never pay for something you don’t need. Our users will be able to choose whether they want to use the shared storage service alongside cloud computing or just one of them. Plus, it’s up to the user to decide for how long they need the service, so no long-term investments are necessary.

Cloud computing can be quite costly as it’s rather resource-intensive. Monopolistic practices of the major cloud providers only lead to the prices going up. On Iagon’s shared storage platform, the price will be fair and competitive, regulated by the demand and supply in the marketplace.

Some cloud solutions are considerably hard to implement and require certain training and additional expenses or software upgrades. The UI designed by the Iagon team is very user-friendly and there’s no need to buy or rent any proprietary hardware. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Even though cloud services are generally associated with data safety, security breaches can and do occur from time to time. Even major cloud storage providers fall prey to threat actors. A data leak can seriously harm any company, but the results can be truly disastrous for a startup trying to build a reputation. Our technology relies on decentralization, SHA256 encryption, random clipping masks, error correction codes, compression, and sharding. In case of a breach, your files are perfectly safe. Threat actors cannot access, delete, or modify them in any way.

In some industries, companies have to handle confidential information on an everyday basis. Sometimes clients require that data cannot physically leave a particular location or jurisdiction (e.g. the UK or the EU). What’s more, businesses have to comply with data privacy regulations like the GDPR and other regulatory acts. Iagon’s protocol leverages blockchain technology to present users with secure and reliable storage suitable for any sort of data. As a user, you can specify access privileges or exact storage location to comply with any data privacy regulations.

We’re here to help you out

Iagon understands the needs of startups. By providing reasonably priced, reliable, and safe decentralized cloud services, we can help new businesses save funds for development. The team is working on product improvements and constantly thinking about new exciting features. So if you’re just starting up your new business and think it might benefit from our service, get in touch with us and have a look at our whitepaper to learn more about the platform.