Surely, you have heard astrophysicists generally agree that the universe is expanding. The same could be said about the blockchain universe - as crypto gains popularity, communities grow, and new blockchains emerge, attracting more and more exciting projects. Some protocols are developed with one blockchain in mind, while others are destined to spread from one network to another.

At Iagon, we realize that constant expansion and exploring new territories are the key to success. That is why even though we have just migrated our platform from the original blockchain to Cardano, we are looking far ahead, wondering where to go next.


We always dream big, so the possibility of becoming a cross-chain platform someday fills us with excitement. That is a long and complicated process involving countless hours of hard work, though. With each new feature implemented and achievement completed, the Iagon team learns and gains valuable experience related to switching blockchains. Our journey from Ethereum to Cardano is not over yet, but what have we done so far?

We’ve migrated huge amounts of $IAG tokens to Cardano. We’ve teamed up with Maestro, Minswap, and Genius X to launch stake pools and get our tokens listed. We’ve even invited the community to participate in a bug bounty program to improve our product.

Iagon Token Bridge UI Bug Bounty
You better watch out, it’s bug hunting season!

Iagon’s shared storage economy platform is in constant development. The team is finetuning it to make way for the integration of solutions delivered by our current and future partners. Although shared storage is Iagon’s crown jewel, all these potential collaborations will allow us to come up with exciting additional features and products

One of such products is our cross-chain bridge. Initially, it was intended to facilitate the conversion of ERC-20 $IAG tokens to CNT $IAG tokens, but it has much more to offer. First of all, this is a valuable tool not just for our users, but for the whole Cardano community. Users can now move their assets between Ethereum and Cardano easily. We plan to aid Cardano’s growth by supporting other ERC20 projects willing to add their tokens to our platform. In future versions of the protocol, the bridge could be used to enable payments from other chains as well. We're so happy the bridge launch met with a warm reception. The solutions provided by our partners, Milkomeda and Nomad, work as intended, making cross-chain communication fast, cheap, and effective. To improve the user experience even more, the Iagon team developed a neat UI for the bridge in cooperation with the community.

Why bother?

Of course, we could still be where we started, all cozy on the immensely popular Ethereum blockchain. However, we realized its limitations were holding the project back and decided to move on. Cardano offered new possibilities, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and its eco-friendly Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

This is exactly why achieving cross-chain status is an important part of Iagon’s vision. New blockchains come with new functionalities, which often means new paths of progress. As cross-chain ecosystems grow in popularity and attract users, new tools are created to make the transitions faster and easier.

Iagon embraces interoperability as the future of decentralized blockchain networks. It could be argued that the free flow of information and data between various networks lies at the very base of decentralization. It’s not just about having access to a wide array of resource providers. Allowing the protocol to move data and assets between blockchains is cost-effective and time-efficient. This, along with the ease of implementation, will make our protocol a great choice for business owners. They will be able to share data with their partners and customers effortlessly, without security-related concerns.

It’s no secret various chains differ in architecture and were designed to serve different purposes. Blockchain agnosticism (i.e. not being limited to the use of one blockchain) translates to greater integration potential. As Iagon’s protocol reaches different blockchains, it will be able to interact with more and more dApps specific to certain chains, thus becoming an immense decentralized ecosystem. Multi-project partnerships tend to accelerate the development of the blockchain environment. By leveraging this kind of integration and general accessibility, Iagon could achieve mass adoption of the protocol as the potential user base grows with each new collaboration.

Let’s make this happen!

We are aware that becoming a cross-chain platform is not a piece of cake. Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it? Our experience so far clearly shows that cooperation plays a major role in our evolution. That is why we are always eager to reach out to other dev teams and you, our valued community. This kind of philosophy perfectly corresponds with the concept of decentralization. And, in case you haven't noticed, we are all about decentralization!

So stay tuned, guys! You never know when the Iagon team comes up with a new idea, asks your opinion, or invites you to participate in tests.

For more information and other updates, please follow us on our social media or head over to the IAGON Website!

About Iagon

Iagon is on a mission to revolutionize the cloud by developing storage and processing platforms where anyone can profit from shared resources. The whole value proposition circles back to the potential of blockchain technology by letting device owners join the storage and processing power grids to create a completely decentralized data cloud and supercomputer.

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