Over the past couple of years several surveys, focused on cloud computing trends, have been conducted with the intent of providing insights on some of the challenges that business owners have been facing within this industry. Curious enough, the results from different survey providers all happened to highlight similar, if not the exact same challenges, which were broken down as follows:

  • Lack of resources/expertise: It is difficult to manage the IT Infrastructure with a small number of IT workers.
  • Security: This has been one of the main concerns when it comes down to cloud computing. Not knowing exactly where or how your data is being stored and processed.
  • Managing costs: Cost cutting is a major task when trying to run a business. The IT budget is a big concern due to its rapid changes and advances.
  • Performance: Cloud providers that experience outages or downtime.
  • Ability to manage multiple cloud services

Using these premise as core goals during development, is how IAGON’s platform came to be. IAGON is a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology, that aims to revolutionize the cloud and web services market by offering a decentralized grid for storage and processing tasks.

By joining the unused storage capacity of servers and personal smart devices and their processing power into one computational grid and allocating processing tasks and uploaded files, IAGON can create a Supercomputer and a super data center that can compete with any of the current cloud computing moguls. Their solution is based on joining multiple servers and smart devices by utilizing their free storage capacities to store file fragments in an anonymous and highly secure manner, along with operating their processors during idle times for parallel conduction of allocated tasks. Powering the computational processing and storage grid with the Blockchain/Tangle technology ensures the complete security of both businesses and users, their anonymity, privacy and the complete integrity of the tasks and the files transferred, processed and stored on IAGON’s Smart Computational Grid (SCG).

The IAGON platform was designed to benefit different types of users and it’s main share of the user market consists of corporates, public institutes and SMEs that require large secure storage and processing capacities (including cloud services, database storage, historical data archiving, data analytics, batch processing, etc.).

Additional details on What IAGON can bring to the market:

  • Extreme Security: IAGON utilizes dual layer security, (Encryption and Blockchain Technology) that’s 100% secure and resistant to hacking.
  • Cost Effectiveness: IAGON allows businesses to cut costs up to 70–80% since it relies on the network and requires fewer staff members.
  • Reliability: 24/7 operation of the storage grid, processing grid and the Blockchain/Tangle are guaranteed by IAGON platform. Their Blockchain-based services ensure 100% availability of stored files, without any “blackouts” that often happen in other centralized cloud platforms. They do this by applying Machine Learning techniques and predictive analytics for forecasting and preventing these events.
  • Efficiency: The AI (Alexandria Protocol) optimizes the grid and finds the best solution for business needs.
  • User Friendly Platform: Designed for trusted operations of decentralized applications on a single platform for every type of user.

The global market will continue to experience exponential growth in the demand for low-cost and reliable storage with the increase in volumes of data. Businesses will be forced to apply techniques to derive managerial, operational, business and functional insights to react to changes and trends in their environments. IAGON’S solution will be available to support these Businesses and keep up with all of these trends.

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