Over the years we’ve been hearing a lot of discussions around two of the most popular Business trends, commonly known as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It has also been predicted that 2018 will be the year when more and more companies will start investing in these initiatives as they position themselves to compete in the future.

But why have these technology innovations become so popular over these past few years if they’ve been around since the 50’s? The answer is simple. Because today we finally have a cost efficient way to collect, store, compute and transfer massive amounts of data in a way that wasn’t possible before.

There’s clearly been a noticeable increase in measurements when it comes down to Big Data. To give an example, when computers were initially created we would hear technology specialists talking about bytes, which then evolved to kilobytes, gigabytes, terabytes up to petabytes which is what supercomputers use. These measurements do not stop here as they will continue to increase 50 times more within the next decade. As the amounts of data from different sources (computers, smartphones, IoT, embedded systems) continue to grow, it will become more and more accessible for Businesses to start adopting solutions that run on Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s some interesting facts about these technologies that we should all know:

  • Big data allows us to get better insights on everything
  • Big data is being used to improve workforce performance and decisions
  • Businesses continue to report how they are achieving measurable results from investing in these technologies
  • Through Big Data, it is now possible to train the AI systems and help them learn
  • Just like a human brain, AI and machine learning algorithms require inputs of data to deduce an inference
  • CPUs and GPUs with computing capabilities help process data in real-time which derives rules for AI based applications
  • Natural language processing (NLP) is now being leveraged in several applications

The combination of these technologies is creating a new innovative path for businesses around the world and IAGON is one that plans to stay ahead of the game. IAGON uses a Smart Computing Grid based on advanced Artificial Intelligence components that include more than 100 Machine Learning algorithms, methods and techniques that integrate to form their AI-Tracker system, which is the “brain” behind their Smart Computing Grid . IAGON’s AI-Tracker is a dynamic learning system that continuously analyzes past and current data streams that reflect the availability of storage space and processing capacities of miners.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of IAGON’s Smart Computing Grid, it also includes the following capabilities:

• Connects multiple producers to customers

• Fulfils the demand for the necessary resource

• It transfers unused resources to customers in need (CPU and GPU processing power and storage space)

• It benefits the miners providing processing power and storage space to the grid without requiring efforts when their servers and computers are not used by them.

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