September 28th, 2018 brings another unfortunate, yet not unexpected data breach from tech giant, Facebook, one that has crept in and swept away all of the progress that we may have felt Facebook was making as they are once again the subject of a massive breach that has compromised over 50 million user accounts and counting. In addition, this newest misstep has the potential to cost the tech giant nearly $1.63 million in regulatory fines that may be imposed by European regulators as punishment for this latest failure to protect the security of their users.

Suffice it to say, it has not been the greatest year for Zuckerberg’s multibillion dollar empire, with the reality of their Cambridge Analytica debacle still casting an enormous shadow over the way that Facebook handles its security and the protection of their consumers personal and private data. As reported earlier by TechCrunch, this very breach could have been prevented, had Facebook taken additional precautions within the networks engineering department, stating that they somehow managed to miss, this, allowing entry of three bugs to combine, stealing the access tokens of over 50 million people.

According to an article released by Forbes, Senator Mark R. Warner (D-VA), who is Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has released a statement that encourages members of congress to act on this newest security issue that Facebook is facing, as he states that they need to “take action to protect the privacy and security of social media users.”

Iagon sees this as an avoidable issue, one that could easily be corralled if only Facebook put more time and attention to the overall issue, which at its core, is it’s stunningly obvious aversion to enhancing their security procedures. We have come to disrupt the industry and can provide protections against occurrences such as this one, as Iagon provides decentralized, secure storage of client data by the use of artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology.

Although there are companies that would rather avoid the associated costs and the complexity required to implement these security solutions, we are implementing a Secure Lake technology that will act as an additional deterrent to the entities that wish to steal your most precious data files.

IAGON’s Secure Lake is based on the Blockchain unbreakable encryption technology, on file slicing and storage of small, anonymous and strongly encrypted slices of the original files ensures the complete protection of data files, other types of files (such as scans, photos and videos) and databases of any size and ensures the rapid retrieval and update of any stored file.

This means that, aside from the user who securely uploads a file and has the password (key) to retrieve and encrypt it, no one can read the contents of the small file slices, encrypt, delete, change, retrieve them, identify their source or even associate them with other file slices that are generated from the original, uploaded file. IAGON’s technology ensures that even when information systems are breached in any way, the data and files that they use cannot be accessed, deleted or modified.

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