🔖Development Update - October 2023

🔖Development Update - October 2023

In October, our team diligently enhanced our ecosystem with key updates and new features, setting the stage for exciting future developments.

Iagon Team

In October 2023, we were able to accomplish a lot:

Desktop and CLI application:
✅ Completed security updates for both desktop and CLI applications
✅ Successfully ported our application to FreeBSD

Resource Providers Tech:
✅ Developed the first API for staking services
✅ Drafted the initial version of the GDPR Compliance Tracker

APIs and Backend:
✅ Refactored backend code for enhanced performance:
- improved algorithms, including the reed-solomon algorithm for better data resilience;
- resolved upload and download issues for files with private visibility;
- streamlined resource provider and user session code;
- upgraded gateway code for efficient file downloads;
- file Sharing and Region API

✅ Devised an algorithm for secure sharing of private files via URL
✅ Enhanced the Region API for precise multi-level region selection based on local laws

LedgerFlow App:
✅ Revamped the LedgerFlow UI for a better user experience
✅ Integrated new functionalities like importing/exporting addresses, categorizing addresses, and a detailed asset line graph
✅ Updated the profile page and applied fixes from the auditing report

Storage Client:
✅ Implemented encryption and decryption processes within our frontend and backend APIs
✅ Conducted comprehensive refactoring of the frontend code for improved clarity and maintainability

Staking and Subscription Manager:
✅ Worked on on chain and off chain contract development for staking and rewards.

We're working on and plan to focus on:

Resource Providers Tech:
⌛ To continue the development of off-chain contract functionalities.
⌛ To enhance the API for staking and integrate it with the resource provider frontend.
⌛ To design and implement the UI/UX for staking services.
⌛ To develop a performance calculator for stake amount determination.
⌛ To add functionality for resizing storage capacity before staking.
⌛ To undertake a complete redesign of the UI/UX for the resource provider interface.

Decentralized Web Hosting Tech:
⌛ To initiate the planning phase for the architecture needed to host websites.
⌛ To begin crafting the UI/UX for web hosting services.
⌛ To start the development of APIs necessary for website hosting.

LedgerFlow App:
⌛ To focus on bug fixes and overall improvements to the system.

Storage Client:
⌛ To implement user access roles that vary based on subscription tiers.
⌛ To work on enhancing the UI/UX, as well as frontend and API development for subscription management.
⌛ To introduce parameterized API to the storage client based on the chosen subscription package.
⌛ To continue development of public section on the storage client for accessing publicly shareable files post-encryption.

For more information and to see what else is going on with Iagon, please follow us at the social media links, or head over to the IAGON Website!