In October 2023, we were able to accomplish a lot:

Desktop and CLI application:
✅ Completed security updates for both desktop and CLI applications
✅ Successfully ported our application to FreeBSD

Resource Providers Tech:
✅ Developed the first API for staking services
✅ Drafted the initial version of the GDPR Compliance Tracker

APIs and Backend:
✅ Refactored backend code for enhanced performance:
- improved algorithms, including the reed-solomon algorithm for better data resilience;
- resolved upload and download issues for files with private visibility;
- streamlined resource provider and user session code;
- upgraded gateway code for efficient file downloads;
- file Sharing and Region API

✅ Devised an algorithm for secure sharing of private files via URL
✅ Enhanced the Region API for precise multi-level region selection based on local laws

LedgerFlow App:
✅ Revamped the LedgerFlow UI for a better user experience
✅ Integrated new functionalities like importing/exporting addresses, categorizing addresses, and a detailed asset line graph
✅ Updated the profile page and applied fixes from the auditing report

Storage Client:
✅ Implemented encryption and decryption processes within our frontend and backend APIs
✅ Conducted comprehensive refactoring of the frontend code for improved clarity and maintainability

Staking and Subscription Manager:
✅ Worked on on chain and off chain contract development for staking and rewards.

We're working on and plan to focus on:

Resource Providers Tech:
⌛ To continue the development of off-chain contract functionalities.
⌛ To enhance the API for staking and integrate it with the resource provider frontend.
⌛ To design and implement the UI/UX for staking services.
⌛ To develop a performance calculator for stake amount determination.
⌛ To add functionality for resizing storage capacity before staking.
⌛ To undertake a complete redesign of the UI/UX for the resource provider interface.

Decentralized Web Hosting Tech:
⌛ To initiate the planning phase for the architecture needed to host websites.
⌛ To begin crafting the UI/UX for web hosting services.
⌛ To start the development of APIs necessary for website hosting.

LedgerFlow App:
⌛ To focus on bug fixes and overall improvements to the system.

Storage Client:
⌛ To implement user access roles that vary based on subscription tiers.
⌛ To work on enhancing the UI/UX, as well as frontend and API development for subscription management.
⌛ To introduce parameterized API to the storage client based on the chosen subscription package.
⌛ To continue development of public section on the storage client for accessing publicly shareable files post-encryption.

For more information and to see what else is going on with Iagon, please follow us at the social media links, or head over to the IAGON Website!